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Snow, Wind and little rain

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Nov 15, 2015 8:58 pm

Expect snow, then rain and then...snow again. Hang on for a wild ride with wind too. But in the end well end up with more snow than we will start with this week.

We have cold air in place, so when a warm front moves in on Monday it will produce 7-15 of snow with a SL of 2000ft. Nice dumpage, but warmer air moves in and the snow level rises to 5000ft, by Tuesday. Expect rain on snow (ROS) down on the lower slopes, but continuing snow up high. Not much snow loss, mainly consolidation. High wind will drift snow filling in areas like Green Valley at Crystal and most upper elevations at the Summit, Stevens and especially Mt Baker. Snow level drops to 2000ft with more snow late Tuesday and mainly Wednesday, adding even more new snow.

Whistler will open late in the week. Several more spots (Crystal / Baker) and others will be giving it consideration when the week is over with a lot of new snow - stay tuned

Blog: Many folks have observed it snows, when its warmer than 32 degrees. Well its true. What s the limit and how does it all work? Click: blog

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I have been a fan of Two Beers for years. I am thrilled to have them as a sponsor. Ya know, I get thirsty researching the weather, writing all these alerts, and then skiing all day its a tough life. Two Beers (and Seattle Cider) are hidden down in the SODO area (click logo). But you can find their beverages around Washington even at Bartells. I love their EVO IPA, available in cans.
Their motto: Life is a little more honest after Two Beers

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